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Can WavPlayer play .sri files created by the Voice It handheld recorder?
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Files created by the Voice It recorder (.sri files) must first be converted to .wav file format before they can be played with the WavPlayer.  A free utility exists from the manufacturer of Voice It that will convert .sri files to .wav files.  This utility can be downloaded from the following site:  You will simply need to convert the files first, and then use the Bytescribe WavPlayer to transcribe them. Here is what is stated on the manufacturer's web site:  

"The VTR compressed voiced files (.sri files) are in a proprietary compressed format and cannot be accessed and played with other software programs. However, non-recorder owners who receive .sri files from a recorder owner can download a free Voice It Player which will decompress and play .sri files."

Last update: 12:49 PM Friday, July 18, 2008

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