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Can I play .vob files from a video DVD?
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Playing .vob files requires your computer to have a DVD decoder and WavPlayer version 6.0.4 or later (select "Help | Check for Updates" from the WavPlayer menu to get the latest version).  If your computer has a DVD drive and software for playing DVD videos, you may already have a DVD decoder installed.  If you do not have a DVD decoder installed, you may do so by purchasing and downloading a decoder from the links on Microsoft's web site.  To play .vob files with WavPlayer, use the "WP6.exe" program located in the installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files\Bytescribe\WavPlayer").  If you have problems playing .vob files that are not on a DVD, try renaming the files to have an .avi extension.

Last update: 04:32 PM Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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