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I am having problems making WavPlayer the default player for my file types.
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For Windows XP:

First, try setting the WavPlayer as the default player for the file types you are trying to play.  In the WavPlayer, click on the Options menu, select Settings, and then go to the Default Types tab.  Click on the box(es) for which the WavPlayer should be the default player, then click OK.

If that does not work, then you will need to set the WavPlayer as the default player manually.

1.    Save all current work and close all programs completely
2.    Click on the Start button
3.    In the start menu, right-click on My Computer and select Explore
4.    At the top of the My Computer window, click on the Tools menu and select Folder Options
5.    Click on the File Types tab
6.    At the top of the window is a box labeled Registered File Types.  Scroll down in that box until you find WAV.
7.    Click on the entry for the file extension you are trying to set (such as WAV or MP3), so that it turns blue
8.    Click on the Advanced button in the bottom half of the window.  The Edit File Type window will pop up.
9.    In the middle of the Edit File Type window is a box labeled Actions.  Click on the Open action (if you have it) so that it turns blue.
10.    Click on the Edit button.  The Editing Action for Type window will pop up.
11.    At the bottom of the Editing Action for Type window is a box for the application used to perform the action.  The path in that box should be the path to the WavPlayer.exe application.
12.    If your box says something different, then click on the Browse button.  The Open With window will pop up.
13.    In the Open With window, go to the C:\Program Files\Bytescribe\WavPlayer\ folder and select the WavPlayer.exe program
14.    Click OK in the Open With window
15.    In the Editing Action for Type window, the bottom box should now have the path to the WavPlayer.exe program, and should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\Bytescribe\WavPlayer\WavPlayer.exe" "%1"

16.    Click OK in the Editing Action for Type window
17.    Repeat steps 8-15 for the Play action (if you have it).
18.    Once both Open and Play have been set to the WavPlayer.exe program, click OK in the Edit File Type window to close it and accept the changes
19.    Click OK in the Folder Options window
20.    Do not open any applications, especially your WavPlayer! Restart your computer.

When your computer starts back up, the WavPlayer should now be the default for your files.


For Windows Vista:

1.  Click Start | Control Panel.
2.  Click "Default Programs".
3.  Click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program".
4.  File ".wav" (or any sound file extension).  Double click the entry.  Then select WavPlayer from the list (or click Browse to find WavPlayer). 
5.  Check the box for "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".
6. Then click OK.  Then click Close.

Last update: 03:23 PM Monday, October 18, 2010

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